Jonkel Properties

Jonkel Resources is the family of Jonkel Companies. The company is family owned and it started life in the second quarter of 2008. The name ‘JONKEL, was the first name of Mr Jonkel Khoza who worked for Palaborwa Mining Company for most of his Productive years. The company is dedicated to the Graphite Industry from Mining, Processing to Manufacturing. In its first five years of existence the company made Great Progress in terms of Growth.


  1. Such charity campaigns should be regular. I consider these events attract people’s attention to different problems. And Brickmols is the company who indeed cares. I am looking forward to hear about new campaigns and events!

    1. I totally agree with you! I know Brickmols as a great construction company. And now I am pleasantly surprised with their charity experience! I – as a regular client – am very impressed. Thank you!

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